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15-Jun-2016 22:11

Rotterdam’s Centraal train station, for example, is all angles and sharp lines with a tip that points new arrivals in the direction of the city center.

In order to exchange your foreign driving license, you first must go to your local municipal office to acquire a payable document called the health form (=Eigen Verklaring).

You only need this document if: If the answer at one of the questions is YES in the health form, you will need a health check by a doctor.

Be sure to make a photocopy of your license and the request for a Dutch license should you need to drive during these weeks.

However, you are strongly advised not to drive while awaiting your driving license.

Important: if you would like to keep your original driving license, you must submit a request with your application, for instance, that you will need it in your country.

More information on the certificate of fitness can be obtained from the CBR, your local municipal office, or the RDW (in English).

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As soon as you receive this confirmation, you can return to the municipal office, where you will submit: As soon as the municipal fees have been paid, the municipal office will send the entire application for evaluation to the RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority in the mobility chain).

If the application is granted, the RDW will send a letter to your home address within two to three weeks that you can collect your driving license at the municipal office.

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