Dating black woman tips

17-Dec-2015 22:29

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Anything you fear is teaching you courage to overcome your fear.Anything you can t control is teaching you how to let go.Anyone who abandons you is teaching you how to stand up on your own two feet.Anything that angers you is teaching you forgiveness and compassion.'Do you think God is punishing me for having sex with a man 20 years younger than me?' This was the question I asked a close friend when I was about to file for bankruptcy back in 2011.

Live your life as though God is hanging with you 24/7.

When you're doing things outside of His will, should we really expect to be rewarded?

#My God Reigns Anything that annoys you is teaching you patience.

Anything that has power over you is teaching you how to take your power back.

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Anything you hate is teaching you unconditional love.

One fascinating aspect of my work as a couples/ family therapist is that it gives me an intimate view into the current cultural dynamics of couples.