Dating baccarat perfume bottles

14-May-2015 10:54

The citrus is refreshing and delicious, like summer in a bottle.I remember she wore this during the day time and always around Easter time. There was a green herbal note that I could never make out.The flowers were intoxicating and fragrant, always left an aromatic trail. I detect other notes down there: a vanilla or Tonka bean note, but not too much of it, a bit of musk and green patchouli leaf. This was a beautiful perfume and despite the aldehydes and the floral notes, it was never too heavy or maybe my mother never put too much of it on.I kept the old bottles she had for years and have worn it myself from time to time, always on Easter Sunday as I find it very appropriate as a Church fragrance.

At the time, American cosmetics fascinated her immensely.

There was cucumber and linden blossom or lime blossom which smelled like linden tea.

It was floral with white flowers of jasmine, gardenia and lilies.

In the context of it's time it would have made a very beautiful wedding day perfume.

It's quite large and makes a fine ornament for your home. The scent opens with old fashioned aldehydes, lots of fresh brilliant aldehydes, perhaps too much for modern noses to take.They are followed by sweet citruses: grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin and lemon.

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