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Today it is one of the most sought-after antique chinas, and the company continues to produce high-quality items for the table and for decorative use.Lister started playing guitar at 8 and played his first concert in a bar band at the age of 13.

The tracks were primarily Lister compositions, and the album featured a guest appearance by Walter Trout.

Having become better known, he now headlines major festivals in Europe.

He has twice played the Heitere Open Air in Switzerland to 12,000 people and in 2006 he played the main stage at The Bayfront Blues Festival, MN.

The album led to him touring Europe and working with some of the top current blues players.

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While Lister's music is blues based, his own material incorporates contemporary influences with harder rhythms and guitar work, reminiscent of early Eric Clapton.

Later that year he was invited to sit in with Delbert Mc Clinton at The Pinedale Blues Festival in Wyoming, where Delbert kept Lister on stage for the whole second half of his show.