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15-Dec-2015 22:07

A DISABLED man who has battled bladder cancer for more than 10 years has won his fight to be paid benefits.Paul Marlow, from Barton, said yesterday it felt "amazing" after officials ruled he should receive £368 a month – five weeks after the payments were stopped.The 59-year-old, who said he felt let down and "angry" when he was told to get a job – hit out at the earlier decision to halt his employment support allowance.The Meadow Brook resident said: "It's unbelievable this happened.The former caterer has had bladder cancer since 2002 and had 42 operations as part of his ongoing treatment.Mr Marlow, of Stowford Road, worked in the the hotel and catering business for 31 years and only took two days off sick.These people are out to stop disabled people from what they are rightly entitled to and it stresses people out so much it can cause suicide."I know there are people who are out to defraud and cheat the system and they should be punished, but people who need it shouldn't be put through hell.

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Mr Marlow said "he would love" to work, but added his health would not allow him to maintain a job.

He also receives personal independence payment – a benefit for disabled people – of £220 a month.