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Finding a five year old Coke bottle in the local creek is not going to make you rich.

Finding a one hundred year old Coke bottle might put a few dollars in your pocket should you decide to sell it.

Each aspect of the bottle's design, age and character must be taken into consideration when determining its value.

A bottle that has a beautiful, interesting or significant design will generally be more valuable than one that is plain.

A bottle that is embossed with the manufacturer's name, location, or other information about where the bottle came from is of more interest to collectors than one that does not. Whatever you call it, people are drawn to pretty things.

While not all old bottles are valuable, an older bottle is more likely to be worth more than a newer one.

Seams and pontil marks are two of the ways you can determine a bottle's age.

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There are several factors that determine the value of old bottles.

While an accurate evaluation can only be done by someone experienced with antique bottles, you can get an idea of how much a bottle is worth by considering these factors.

The pontil mark is the mark at the bottom of the bottle where it was attached to the glass blower's pontil rod.

Bottles can be divided into four eras: You can tell the difference between a machine made bottle and a handmade bottle by carefully checking the seam line.

The closer a bottle is to original condition the more value it will have.Items that can increase the value of a bottle are: There are other things to take into consideration when evaluating old bottles.