Dating antique silver

21-Mar-2015 09:23

For Evaluation Purposes We classify Holloware into 3 Categories: Category 1 - Museum Quality/Investment Grade, Excellent Usable Condition, Minimal to No Scratches or Dents.Category 2 - Perfectly Usable Condition, Very Good to Excellent Condition, Some Minor Scratches/Dents or Discolorations. Not to Be Used To Serve Liquid, Runny or Soft Foods due to Pits/Pitting, Corrosion.Beautiful exterior shine with few small dents, interior has pitting and as such this piece is for display only.The Captains personal mess steward would serve coffee tableside using the long wooden handle.As you can see, the various silverplated serving pieces (hollow ware or holloware) made for the US Navy from the late 1890's through the 1940's were absolutely stunningly elegant and literally made for fine dining and entertaining of Kings, Queens, Presidents, other heads of state and dignitaries with every piece imaginable from "soup to nuts".!The US Government spared no money in ensuring that our formidable Navy was as prepared in it's armament as it was equally prepared to host formal dining-in ceremonies when visiting foriegn ports of call.

The Pirate's Lair now makes these heavy silverplated serving pieces available to you for your dining pleasure and/or as presentation pieces.Now is a chance to have a piece of history like no other which can be proudly displayed and in many cases used as originally intended.