Dating and purity

29-Jul-2016 06:27

By purity movement I don’t mean a home that believes that sex before marriage should be avoided. But the purity culture has extra-biblical rules attached to it: dating is wrong; one should always court; parents must chaperone; parents should set kids’ boundaries; kissing before marriage is wrong; clothing should be stringently monitored and modesty enforced; girls who aren’t pure are “chipped teacups” or “stained napkins” (those are analogies that are often used in rallies).

The purity movement is a cultural movement far more than just a moral one, because one can certainly believe in purity but not hold to all of those trappings.

”, we feel like we’re somehow LESS Christian, because those with firmer rules always look more Christian.

Almost every Christian I know who saved sex for marriage also kissed before their wedding day.

And if we dare to say, “I don’t mind if my adult kids hang out at each other’s homes unchaperoned” or “I kissed my husband before our wedding and I’m glad I did!

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And in that series we ended up discussing the purity culture in modern Christianity, and its potentially harmful effects.It seems as if women who grew up in homes where the purity culture was paramount are far more likely to experience vaginismus.