Dating an aspie psykisk syge dating

24-Aug-2016 01:41

Here are ten tips to help you plan your date or trip, so both Aspie and NT feel comfortable and can enjoy the day or night fully.

If you are in love with her, try and be as specific about it as you can.

For a lot of people, a spontaneous trip to the beach or the movies sounds like a fun day or night out!

However, for the female Aspie, going out – whether it be with friends, or on a romantic date – might not be so easy to deal with.

Most female Aspies will not understand it when you flirt with them, or not grasp the concept of mutual flirting.

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Whereas they may find candlelit dinners in restaurants with a violin player romantic, we may find indulging in mutual hobbies together very romantic.

She will have no control over the situation whatsoever, and will be constantly ruminating over what if’s, why’s and more.

Calling it ‘very romantic’ may be a trigger too, as most female Aspies have issues dealing with romance.

But think of it this way, the female Aspie will be completely straightforward in her reply, ‘I like you too’, or ‘I’m not that fond of you’.

That way you both know where you are standing, and there will be no stress on either party.Do not assume what is romantic for you, is equally romantic for the female Aspie. Most female Aspies tend to take everything very literally, so if you say you will meet at her 10 am at the local cafe, make sure you are there at 10 am.

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