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He buys candles, yeast and corn with a government old-age pension, worth about 0-0, that he collects at the town's post office.Luca says he always wanted to live in isolation in the wild, even as a boy.He was raised by his grandfather in San Pedro de Colalao, which he first left at age 14 to travel northern Argentina and earn a living transporting coal to Bolivia.'I never asked myself why I chose to live here,' he says.

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The free-for-all claimed the life of Argentinian beauty Joanna Birriel, 24, as well as the Pavon jail in Guatemala City's most influential prisoners Bryon Lima, who she is understood to have been meeting.

She was caught up in gang violence when a fellow inmate threw a hand grenade at Lima, imprisoned for the murder of a bishop bludgeoned to death with a concrete block in 1998, and supporters protecting him attacked their rivals with guns leaving 12 inmates dead in total.

Eleven roosters and two goats that roam the mountainside during the day and return at night looking for shelter from pumas and other predators.

The crows of the roosters wake him up at around 3 a.m.

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every morning and he begins the day by starting a fire.

Luca has become a legend in San Pedro de Colalao, and town dwellers often give him food and supplies.