Dating after radical prostatectomy

23-Jun-2016 03:52

Did you know that by stopping to ask a set of 19 simple questions before operating, such as "Do we have the right patient? ", a surgery team can reduce deaths under the knife by more than 40%?

He spent an entire two weeks living through this special kind of hell, until finally the doctors righted the dong.However, Joseph must've seriously pissed off one of the attending surgeons, because they didn't reconnect the colon to his anus; they stapled it to his bladder instead.If it's not already clear what happened next, Swain started shitting through his urethra.Thakkar now has to keep his uni-hole propped open with a plastic straw, or else his nose will cave in and suffocate the poor man.

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Going under the knife is a daunting prospect on its own, so if you're booked in for surgery in the near future, I cannot recommend you continue reading this article. As you'll soon find out, waking up to discover a needle is stuck inside your body, your nose has been hacked off, or - perhaps worst of all - your dick has been removed, are all very real possibilities.

These are some of the most excruciatingly horrific surgical mishaps in medical history...

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