Dating after abusive relationships

23-Sep-2016 20:31

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You don’t need to change, you need to learn to test the men based on who you are.

Some women will never date again because they fear they can’t spot the dangerous, destructive, or abusive guys.

These women actually have an advantage; they are the most aware and know that they missed something.

These are the women most likely to crack the code, never having to worry about being in a dangerous relationship again.

You will always be drawn to and attract destructive men because you will communicate in the same way, unless you become aware of your traits.

Once you do, you will be able separate how you respond to certain men based on how they approach you and how they communicate with you.

You would never say, “I want a relationship to drain me financially,” or, “I’m really looking for a relationship that is emotionally destructive,” but unless you develop trait awareness, these are the signals you give off, and they are the same as they were before.

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Some assume the last guy was just a bad pick-or that he changed, but the one thing that hasn’t changed, and won’t ever change, are your traits, and it is your traits that will get you trapped again unless you are aware of how they function, and work them to your advantage.Destructive men use strategies to test us; when they find a woman who passes the tests, they know she has certain traits, and they move in quickly.

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