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10-Nov-2014 15:25

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I'm the nerd, freak, or weirdo...whatever you call me, I'm getting picked on at school.

It's not really constant bullying, teasing is what it is.

If you're feeling like you have a sign pasted on you that reads: "MAKE FUN OF ME, PLEASE" then you're not alone.

Check out these questions from kids who are dealing with some tough stuff.

I don't think this is funny, and it seems disrespectful to the girls he asks out for a joke.

Just ignore him.’ But every morning I wake up terrified to go to school because I'm afraid I'll be teased…I'm losing all my confidence, and I just want the name calling to stop. For example, at lunch, she puts all her trash on my plate and expects ME to throw it away. Whenever I'm nice enough to let her come over, she takes advantage of my stuff and always tries to get me to buy her things online! A lot of people do this on purpose and when I try to tell an adult, they just say they can't help it. They do that right in front of me when they know I can't eat meat.

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There's this boy in my class who always calls me names like ‘Walrus’ or ‘Giant’ and a lot of other hurtful and mean stuff.

If you were to do it during the weekdays, I don't know how busy you'd be, but I know you do still get some calls. For my company at least you have to be 18, have to have a landline phone, you have to have internet connection and AIM installed, you have to have a clear phone voice, and you have to be willing to take the taboo calls. I come home and have dinner with my husband and our daughter, put her to bed, log in, then my husband and I hang out while I wait for calls. The nice thing about being a contracted employee is that they can't tell you when to work.… continue reading »

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