Dating a silverface amp

09-Mar-2016 22:02

As shown in my pictures, getting the answer to this or adding this production glitch into the "Fender History Lore" will help me solve my problem as I have only seen full backpanels. or, is it something newly discovered and newly recognized that it should be recorded into the Fender Museum? The full backpanel and newer Reverb Showmans did not sound the same as the small backpanel Showmans. It is really rare as the serial number is 13971 with listed resourced serial numbers starting at 13900. In 60's and 70's Fender went thur some changes that left many questions. I've other amps & guitars, but need to make sense of what I do have.

Makes the most sense since TFL = Too Freakin' Loud. My new household member is a 1968 Fender Dual Showman Reverb TFL5000D amp head and is one of the first ever made because of the padded spring reverb unit is mounted flat on the bottom of the amp inside instead of being mounted upright against the amp’s backside of the front baffle. Apparently, tube amps cannot handle modern data storage and extra effects that the solid state amps can. I just EBay sold a 1962 Fender Super Amp 6G4A I just EBay sold my 1971 Fender Hardtail Stratocaster PP: the reason I shared the above info is because I wanted you to know that if you are interested in the 1968 Bassman, it is a great amp and just did not fit into my plans when I procured the 1964 Bassman amp head and the 1968 Showman Reverb amp head. You can play guitar from all four plugs, and get super clean or can add the tone variations. Is the uniqueness worth makng note for the Fender History Museum? Question: In my last response, I discussed the internal padded reverb unit lying flat and causing Fender to use only a "half-sized small backpanel" until Fender changed the location of the padded reverb unit's installation location. Obviously it would be during the first batch of production. You say that your amp is rare,a freak and unique, you are so much on target. It does not allow for heat dissipation from vacuum tubes and interferes with reverb sound waves propagation. I have a crazy man in NYC who makes hand wound pick ups. The bridge I put a Burns like the one on Brian Mays Big Red. You may have an Ampenstein, parts from dead amp put together and given life when plugged in. Anyway, I mostly wanted to say that I think you are making the right call keeping her!

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