Dating a man with tbi

17-Mar-2015 05:36

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Share This July, 2011 Greg Goldberg is a Brain Injury Survivor, Inspirational Speaker and author.

After suffering a car crash in 1998, Greg spent nearly a month in a coma, followed by a long journey of recovery.

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However, Salem missed his arraignment on the assault charge because of a court date mix-up, according to his lawyers, and he was tossed back behind bars — this time on ,000 bail.

Today, Greg is upbeat, cheerful and full of zest for life.

“(Salem) was shocked and dismayed and frustrated that his case was unconscionably mishandled and there was no communication by his attorney telling him his bail was which he could have made at any moment,” argued one of Salem’s new attorneys, Glenn Hardy at a recent court hearing.

“You can’t do what you don’t know and if you’re a defendant in a criminal case you certainly have a right to rely upon the system (to know) what your next court date is.” Salem remains in Rikers Island after missing his court date.

When prosecutors initially failed to get an indictment on the assault charge just days after his arrest, Salem should have been able to walk free for less than the cost of a subway ride.Salem, a native of Algeria, claims his first lawyer, Stephen Pokart, never explained the change in bail status to him.

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