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Your instructor will post important information regarding your practicum assignments, such as questions that require feedback, further instructions, & extra practicum assignments.Each time you receive a Written Assignment, it must be typed with a full heading (your name, e-mail, and Course ID#) and always save a copy on your computer.Practicum Advisor Form: You will need to find a facility to complete your pracitcum assignments and be able to check in with a Practicum Advisor once these tasks have been completed.There may be information provided within the classroom or it may be a web link that you must click to read.


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How the Course/s Work: Each course is 16 weeks long and is setup on a week to week basis.New reading material and assignments become available within the classroom on Tuesdays.Type this assignment using a Word Processor (Word, Word Pad, Notepad, Works, Open Office etc.) Save the file to your computer and upload the Written Assignment to the instructor within the assignment page.For more information, see "HELP: How to Upload Assignments" located on the course homepage.

On average, the student can expect to have around 3 assignments per week.All assignments will be one of the following type: Each week you will read the Resource Material provided for the week and use the resource material to help complete your assignments.