Date time not updating computer

16-Mar-2016 17:56

date time not updating computer-66

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When your computer and Outlook are properly configured for both Time Zone and Daylight Savings Time settings, Outlook's calendar will be unaffected by the Spring and Fall changes brought on by DST.

Your appointments will remain on the correct times.

And whats really strange is, that the clock sometimes even runs backwards!

Can it be that there is a problem with my mainboard or something like that?

I searched the internet for so long, but nothing seems to work there.

Even when I completely restore my windows, it still wont work.

I simply can't sync the clock on my windows 10 running machine to the internet.When I go to "Date and time settings" and turn the "Set time automatically" switch off and then back on, it either loads extremely long or just immediately displays the wrong time.Make sure the Windows Time service is running (It's actual name must be similar to that), and make sure your timezone is properly set.That's the only two things that can possibly force the clock to sync incorrectly.

These steps will help you to check the the Date and Time control panel and within Outlook.These steps are written for Windows XP Professional.

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