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22-May-2016 18:58

When Jehovah gave me a vision about Peace - he showed me that the only way Earth can ever achieve Peace - is to remove every human and animal and bug from the face of the Earth. But we never stop working to achieve that elusive wish for humanity.These physical descriptions are compiled from a large database on reptilian-human contacts.The following is a compilation of these eyewitness descriptions for your review.Generally speaking, there are three basic reptilian physical types.And from what you read below, you will come to realize that Reptilians stand behind these politicians.The video tells about the abuse done to the boys who were taken from Boy's Town in Nebraska and flown to Washington D. where unspeakable things were done to them in exchange for the drugs they were addicted to.The Reptoid (reptilian-humanoid crossbreeds), the various reptilian-grey crossbreed types and the hierarchial reptilian overlords called the Draco (winged reptilian beings).Although the reptilian being species are divided into three basic types, there are physical features that are shared by almost all.

v=ggxi BWv4x YE&feature=Play List&p=A3B3765596F6B384&index=0 NOTE: I didn't hear the word Reptilian in this video, but it smacks of what goes on at Bohemian Grove which is listed below.These commonalties will be covered under the description of the Reptoid beings.In some cases, the experiencer may recall only one physical characteristic of the nonhuman entity that was encountered.On the other hand, other people have vivid memories of their encounter and are able to provide detailed reports of the reptilian beings anatomy.

We cannot blame the boys for their addictions as the politicians in Washington D. (including at the White House) were given to these boys.Many of the boys were abused from about the age of 8, all the way up to 18 where the boys were used as sex slaves by the male politicians.