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Every episode has elements of that, and obviously some are more light-hearted, but even in those we put our defenses down and you see who these characters are at the end of the day. Their characters, Kensi and Deeks, kissed in the season finale.

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There are some pretty fantastic scenes between the characters that are really fun to play.

David Olsen, a former Navy SEAL, acts as Eric's stunt double.

TVLINE But that’s what we’re talking about, the circumstances that make it impossible for her to do what she’d normally do.

Because if we weren’t undercover, she’d knock him out!

gathered in the tiny non-air-conditioned bathroom of an L. apartment building, down the hall from where their next scene from the CBS drama is setting up.

There, they are hovering over a publicist’s cell phone to speak with TVLine about the episode airing this Tuesday at 9/8c, in which Deeks and Kensi pose as husband and wife to suss out a Russian sleeper cell in a suburban nabe. I think it’s awesome because it’s a pretty big departure from a lot of the episodes that we’ve done, and yet it drives storyline as these two characters are forced to go undercover and play this married couple.

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For example, here’s a recent (and quite common) response to the question of what lust is from a message board conversation I had some time ago: “I take lust to mean wanting something more than you should in an unhealthy way.”This conception of “lust” often overlaps with the prior interpretation, to the effect that the young man is told, “Of course you will recognize that a woman is beautiful—that’s natural and unavoidable—but the moment your thoughts become sexual in nature, you’ve lusted, and that’s as bad as actually committing adultery.” Despite its popularity, this interpretation is imprecise, even flat wrong, and leads to surprisingly harmful consequences, making it a great candidate to start this series. Well, as it turns out, the Greek word usually translated “lust” in this passage (ἐπιθυμέω; οὐκ ἐπιθυμήσεις τὴν γυναῖκα τοῦ πλησίον σου.… continue reading »

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