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Amanda Stepto Shane Kippel Christina Schmidt Miriam Mc Donald Lauren Collins Ryan Cooley Andrea Lewis Aubrey Graham Jake Goldsbie Pat Mastroianni Dan Woods Jake Epstein Melissa Mc Intyre Stacey Farber Adamo Ruggiero Cassie Steele Dealing with such hot-button issues as homosexuality, date rape and school shootings, this adolescent drama series chronicles the lives of young students who look, talk and behave like genuine teenagers.

In the fourth season, Emma (Miriam Mc Donald) protests to keep her alleged abuser out of Degrassi, Ellie (Stacey Farber) battles with her mom's alcoholism, and a number of students are diagnosed with gonorrhea. steals to support Liberty and their baby, Emma develops an eating disorder, and Spinner is caught in a love triangle with Darcy and Paige.

Among them are Emma, whose mother Spike was one of the most popular "Degrassi High" characters, and Snake, a holdover from the previous series who's now a teacher at the school.

This multi-disc set gathers the entire first season of the popular series about teenagers and the issues they face as they navigate the maze of adolescence and early adulthood.

Miriam Mc Donald Aubrey Graham Shane Kippel Cassie Steele Lauren Collins Christina Schmidt Ryan Cooley Melissa Mc Intyre Jake Goldsbie Sarah Barrable-Tishauer Amanda Stepto Stefan Brogren Daniel Clark Dan Woods This updated spinoff of the acclaimed "Degrassi High" series follows a new crop of students at Degrassi Community School.

In the show's second season, the school merges with a nearby high school and welcomes ninth, 10th, 11th and 12th graders.

The precocious kids must muddle their way through a garden of issues, both long-standing and modern, including online safety, sex and sexuality, divorce, child abuse, learning disorders and menstruation.

While staying true to the topical and frank nature of its predecessors, the show also features direct links to the past.The Degrassi Community School students continue to struggle with more tough issues -- including health problems, sexual confusion and impending parenthood -- in Season 5 of the naturalistic teen series. Actor-director Kevin Smith (Clerks) returns this season, portraying himself.In the show's third year, Manny Santos (Cassie Steele) wants to be "hot"; Marco Del Rossi (Adamo Ruggiero) grapples with his sexuality; and Ellie Nash (Stacey Farber) starts cutting herself.Season 3 also contains the director's cut of the controversial two-parter "Accidents Will Happen," which deals frankly with abortion.

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Later, Emma Nelson (Miriam Mc Donald) tries to crash the senior dance, and Paige Michalchuk (Lauren Collins), Terri Mc Greggor (Christina Schmidt) and Ashley Kerwin (Melissa Mc Intyre) form a band.

This updated spinoff follows a new crop of students at Degrassi Community School.