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18-Feb-2015 11:32

The Olympic Village is overrun with athletic libidos — famously so. Balconies and hot tubs become the site of post-competition parties. soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo told ESPN in 2012, “There’s a lot of sex going on.” Olympic sexuality seems to warp to the point of hyperbole: In preparation for the 2016 games, the International Olympic Committee supplied condoms to Rio de Janeiro in bulk — some 450,000 contraceptives, enough for each athlete 42 times over.

At least one fan has suggestively nibbled a bronze medal. That Olympic athletes have sex, it is safe to say, is old news.

(Nor is there evidence sex is somehow detrimental to athletic performance.) But on Tuesday, Daily Beast reporter Nico Hines attempted to find a new way into this breach.

His goal, according to an article that was later purged from the website, was to answer the odd question, “Can an Average Joe join the bacchanalia?

Though the Daily Beast chose to forego names, Hines included physical descriptions as well as the fact that one Olympian using Grindr hailed from a “notoriously homophobic country.” The social media outcry was swift and furious.

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” [Russia anti-gay law casts a shadow over Sochi’s 2014 Olympics] In a sense, Hines found what he set out to find.

He thumbed through Rio with a panoply of hook-up apps, including Tinder, Jack’d, Bumble and Grindr.

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