Dane cook dating raquel houghton

18-Apr-2015 18:15

“The ‘questionable’ content in ‘Clerks II’ goes beyond anything we've ever presented in a film before,” he noted.

“Don't know what happened in the MPAA screening that morning, and don't need to know.

“Lindsay didn't believe him and went crazy thinking he was cheating on her,” an “insider” told the mag.

A distraught, tearful Lohan battled her woes by partying all night with friends, reports ITW, and had a “small fender bender” while driving back to her hotel at 5 a.m.

All I do know is that they handed us an R, without asking for a single cut.

Cook is said to have a girlfriend in Valli Girls singer Raquel Houghton, but he and Simpson reportedly “looked very affectionate and comfortable with each other.” Trouble in paradise Lindsay Lohan allegedly had her first lovers’ spat with new boyfriend Harry Morton.

The two have been almost inseparable since they hooked up early this month, but on July 15, there was trouble in paradise when Morton wanted to visit a “female friend” according to In Touch Weekly.

Newly divorced Simpson — who recently claimed she doesn’t “feel right about dating yet” was reportedly “making out” with her “Employee of the Month” co-star Cook on July 11 at the L. “He had his arm draped over the back of her chair — and every so often they kissed on the lips.” The pair took a break from smooching at a.m.

and Cook went next door to perform at the Laugh Factory — and Simpson followed just a few minutes after, reports the tab.

Notes from all over “Clerks II” director Kevin Smith was “shocked, literally, in shock” when his slacker sequel got an R rating.

Smith had fought the tougher NC-17 rating on the first film, and was prepared for a battle on this one.