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For now, Travis is a broken man, and Cliff Curtis does an impeccable job and nails these scenes.

The episode ends in pretty much the same way as last week’s episode — with another shocking cliffhanger.

So, thanks to Madison (Kim Dickens), they have to allow in all of these other people in order to get Travis through the gate.

Of course, Travis is thrilled to see Madison, but at the same time, is also somewhat cold and distant.

When Travis and Chris finally do talk, it doesn’t seem to do much good. It’s like nothing happened, and the only thing on Chris’ mind is where he and his new “friends” will be travelling to next once James has healed.

Chris is nothing like the kid we may remember from Season 1. Travis manages to find the farmer’s ID, and even after trying to personalize the situation by reading the man’s name and birth date, still no reaction from Chris.

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Through a series of flashbacks, we are taken back to that very moment when Chris shoots the Hispanic farmer, which we learn was about 10 days ago.The opening scenes — which are actually shown in the below Promo — are mesmerizing and depict a shell-shocked Travis, a desperate father trying to process what just happened and what his son has become.Once Travis finally snaps out of it, he and Chris don’t talk immediately about the incident but instead focus on the crisis at hand — one of the boys, James, has been shot in the leg.Luckily, the bullet went through and with his limited first-aid training he had to take in his previous life as a teacher, Travis is able to stitch James up.

Sep 23, 2016 - (0) comments - Advance Preview, Alycia Debnam Carey, AMC, Cliff Curtis, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Date Of Death, Fear The Walking Dead, Frank Dillane, Kim Dickens, Lorenzo James Henrie, Mary Powers, Mercedes Mason, Season 2, TV Geek Talk Warning: General spoilers ahead After last week’s bit of a shocking ending, I was a little worried we would be left hanging for a couple of weeks before learning of why Travis (Cliff Curtis) was travelling alone and what may have happened to Chris (Lorenzo Henrie).Fortunately, the writers aren’t that sadistic, and all is revealed in this Sunday’s episode.