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*When it comes to picking up and laying girls internationally [from Cuba to Mexico]: Kraus takes it to an all-time high!!*You can read where he bangs his first Chinese tourist in Cuba. *Hydro has been buzzing in the seduction community for the entire 2012.You can check out his latest product [along with Artisan PUA] at the following link: Texting 2.0 •Ryan Oceros of Sasha Team.•Krauser PUA from England of Krauser’s PUA Adventure.*He’s been tearing up the bloggersphere for the past few years via solid Game and in-field prowess.So for 2012, I’ll be debuting my list of PUA-dating coaches, on whom you can cast your quasi vote.My criterium for selecting the nominees is based on: their blog’s activity (if available), coaching ability, skills to pick up women, execution, in-field videos, lay reports/field reports, notoriety in the community, and overall well-rounded Game. My list is very diverse, unlike previously, where 1 specific PUA would be on top each year [Jon Sinn to be exact].In fact, there are guys on my list whom I don’t even fuck with! Nominees are [in no specific order]: •LS Fader of Love Systems.

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Tweet Every year, a reputable source in the PUA community would present his list of top Pick-Up Artists of the year.

My man Bobby Rio of TSB Magazine had his list of 2010, Alpha Wolf aka Vince Lin, and Casual of PUA Lingo had their list of 2011.