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It explains why Maddy wasn’t forthcoming when it came to discussing certain things in the house with her partner, Gilbert, or the others. “We were filming in the middle of winter and we had to make out like it was summer, so being outside at 3 am in tiny little dresses didn’t really help the situation at all,” she admits.

Being aware that people were taking the competition seriously, she knew she had to say goodbye to her partner, Gilbert, if he was going to have a real chance of taking top prize.

‘Helen is a really lovely girl.’ There was definitely something there [and] we didn’t know until the end that Helen had a boyfriend.” …….fake ones “Mackenzie and I tried to talk some sense into Gilbert about his relationship with Dolly.

“I thought if someone else can do a better job, then they deserve to be here and Jacelle was the perfect candidtate [to replace me].” After a few weeks of rest she is now back on her feet and glued to the show to see how things panned out since her departure – but not before letting us know that not everyone is showing their true colours in the house!

She also talks about who is playing the game “Julian played the game from the start – he was always just under the radar.

I told him she was only doing it to stay on the show.” Helen’s a good friend of mine and she told people she had a boyfriend as soon as the topic came up.

She would never cheat on her boyfriend – that would be entirely against her morals.

“I had glandular fever, ” the 20-year-old confides.

“I was in hospital [after the show] because I was so sick, I was put on a drip [after being] so rundown.” Before entering the competition, the NSW cheerleader was fighting off a common cold, but once she started the gruelling filming schedule, her body didn’t have a chance to heal at all.