Daemon tools lite stuck updating virtual devices

26-Aug-2016 18:38

Two major branches see releases in parallel, and major branches tend to live for two years (four minor versions) after their x.0 release.Free BSD 10.x is currently the newest release branch with 9.x in maintenance mode and major development happening on 11.x.

This guide attempts to show users with various hardware configurations the best way to configure a usable modern workstation running Free BSD based on my own experience with Emi, my Free BSD workstation.

There are projects such as PC-BSD and Ghost BSD that can give you a good out-of-the-box desktop Free BSD experience, but I find them disconnected from the underlying operating systems because they dump you into KDE or XFCE and attempt to hide as much of Free BSD as possible behind graphical configuration.

Though famed for its uptime in the datacenter the same OS is just as suited to desktop or laptop computing with a little work. Maybe I’m just getting old, but it’s nice to use an operating system that didn’t spawn a billion-dollar anti-malware industry through frequent security failings, where you can choose the interface you like and reasonably expect it to stay that way instead of being forced into the design fad du jour, where you don’t have to argue about the init system being replaced two times in the same decade, and whose key organizations don’t collectively kowtow to Microsoft when convenient.

I’ve used many operating systems and have yet to find one more consistent and cohesive yet as well-supported as the BSD family, and Free BSD is the one with the biggest community and most available drivers for things like graphics cards.

Unlike Linux where everything including the kernel is a package, Free BSD is developed in a single source tree and released on a set schedule – twice a year – as a complete operating system on top of which you can install third-party software.

The Release Engineering page tracks the release history and schedule.

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