Cyber sex chat filipino boys

31-Oct-2014 12:23

If they refused to pay, the material would be uploaded to their families and friends' social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.

She works hard for money to help her family and to earn enough savings for her “dream” business. All is ready before she hits the red button—her lingerie, panty host, makeup, and her dildo.

Her home-based work lets her escape the necessity of shelling out money for transportation, daily snacks, and other expenses.

Purisima said "Operation Strikeback" was aimed at countering the Philippines' label as the "sextortion" capital of the world and involved working closely with Interpol in monitoring social media, specific IP addresses and following the money trail."These images or information are then used to extort sexual favors or money from the victim with the threat of sharing these (images and information) with others," Purisima told a news conference at the national police headquarters.

He said the "sextortion" syndicates demanded from 0 to ,000 from victims in exchange for deleting cybersex material taken from them during cybersex sessions.

“Money is what we all need today,” Lovelyts Janet says, adding that with the current financial crunch, everybody must be creative enough to live.

In these trying times when many Filipinos lost their jobs, 27 jobs, Lovelyts Janet says her income remains stable.

Police said the "sextortion" syndicates have collected millions of pesos (thousands of dollars) from hundreds of victims based in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, United States and United Kingdom in the last three to four years.The extortion led to a suicide by a 17 year-old British boy, according to Gary Cunningham of the Scotland Yard at a news conference in Manila, adding there was strong evidence the boy had a chat with somebody from the Philippines.

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