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Farnsworth Paternal Grandmother-in-law: Mildred Fry Maternal Grandparents-in-law: Mr. Gleisner Turanga Leela (born July 29, 2975) one of the main characters in Futurama.

Leela the amazing was the first female Blernsball player and the worst player ever because of her poor depth perception (this is due to the fact that she has one eye).

Great-grandmother: Munda's grandmother Grandmother: Munda's mother Mother: Munda Father: Morris Children: Kif's offspring Husband: Fry Father-in-law: Yancy Fry, Sr. She has been known to scrap the missions on a whim on the promise of learning more of her past, jeopardize the crew's lives to spite Zapp Brannigan and save Nibbler.

For better or worse, the ship runs on her high octane passions, be it because of her longing for family, her love of violence, her commitment to a job well done, or her affection for animals.

Leela was taught Kung-Fu by Master Fnog, who had crashed down on her dreams by telling her that she did not have "the will of the warrior" but the will of "a schoolmarm" or "housewife." After growing up, Leela begins work at Applied Cryogenics as a Fate Assignment Officer, code number "1BDI" (one beady eye).

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However, in space, depth perception is less useful because things are further away and so Leela is captain of the Planet Express ship.Her usual attire is gray boots, black leggings and a white tank top Having grown up in the Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium, Leela long lived the lonely life of an orphan, thinking herself as the only member of an unknown alien race.In addition to her tomboyish nature, beauty and sexiness, Leela is known for her extreme sensitivity and no-nonsense personality.She is a headstrong woman who focuses on work first and fun later.

It is not until her 20s that she discovers she is in fact the daughter of Turanga Morris and Turanga Munda, shamed sewer mutants from Earth's own degraded depths.It would appear that she was born as a surprisingly unmutated mutant, her only known mutations being purple hair, the elbow talons she usually shaves, an concessional appearance of a singing boil she named Susan and her distinct cyclops eye, she also occasionally lays an egg as stated in "Leela and the Genestalk" when she visits her parents.