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He could tell the needle went in and out of the same hole in the fabric, rather than travelling completely through as in hand sewing, and came up with the idea that sewing had to have been accomplished with a chainstitch.

In January 1856 while visiting his father he saw a Singer machine in a tailor's shop for the first time.

James Gibbs took out two patents (December 16, 1856 and January 20, 1857), before the all important patent above, from June 2, 1857.

In this patent the revolving hook takes the loop of thread and holds it while the feed moves the fabric until the needle descends once more through the loop.

Having been to Washington's patent office he went to Philadelphia to show his model to James Willcox, who was specializing in building models of new inventions.

Willcox was impressed with Gibbs' machine and put him to work with his own son, Charles Willcox.

This is done during the time the hook is revolving from position Fig. 5, and is drawn tight by drawing open the new loop.

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The thread is twisted in its rotation before a new loop is started. Willcox & Gibbs Automatic Instruction Manual Courtesy Claire Sherwell, from the Smithsonian Institution This is the actual model submitted by James E A Gibbs to the patent office in 1857 and now held by the Smithsonian Institute, still with its patent tag present.

Although it doesn't at first look familiar, it is the most important Gibbs patent. In the same time the hook will advance and penetrate the loop, as shown in Fig. The loop is now gradually spread by the hook during the next following part of its revolution.