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Find a chat partner or many partners by location or by sexual interests.

If you're new, the Lobby is a great place to get started.

On that day, I, as usual, took to the beach towel, suntan lotion and your favorite red melting.

Please refrain from cyber-sex in this room - thanks!

Basement (141) The Basement is reserved for our B & D members - you WANT to go to the basement, you MUST go to the basement, you WILL go to the basement...

If you're looking for quick, kinky sex, please use another room!

A wife exploring her fantasy of watching her husband have sex with other women. Feel free to submit your husband sharing pictures for my consideration.

The chat rooms are always full and get steamy quite quickly!

I enjoy talking with wives just getting started and those who have long been fascinated with it as I have!

When we asked if she wanted to spend some time with us, she immediately agreed. Dressing up in her brand new dress, and combed properly, they led her to him.

Yes, he tried, but she became very ill, and after that she no longer wants to drink vodka. The first thing women led her to the bath and washed there for two hours.

If I have to be in a bathing suit, I wear these trunks.

This blog is for the wife who wants her husband to have sex with other women (also called a cuckquean). Some are pictures that other people submit to me or from other blogs.

If you want to see a picture of me with my husband while he's having sex with another woman, go back to the first post. Feel free to contact me through this blog with questions about husband sharing.