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import import import gdata.contacts.client import gdata.# ... Contacts Client(source='YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME') # Authorize the client. The token also identifies your application to Google. You must register your project in the Google API Console and enable the Contacts API service in order to use OAuth 2.0. Given Name Phonetics)) given Name To Display += " (" + name. Write Line("\t\t" + given Name To Display); } else Console. Request Settings settings = new Request Settings("YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME"); // Add authorization token. Contacts Request cr = new Contacts Request(settings); // ... When your application requests non-public user data, it must include an access token. return contact; } import Elements generated by the API are shown in bold in the output. This section contains some information to help you get started with the Google Contacts API. If you already have a test account with a project registered in the API Console, then you're all set; you can visit the Google Contacts API user interface to set up, edit, or view your test data. Contacts Service my Service = new Contacts Service("YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME"); // Authorize the service object. They are available for a variety of programming languages; check the Libraries and Samples page for more details. import*; import*; import*; import*; import*; import*; import Every request that you send using the Google Contacts API should specify version 3.0 of the API.

To specify a version number, use the GData-Version HTTP header: The Google Contacts API allows manipulation of Contact Entry implementing the GData Contact kind element with some restrictions described in the Reference Guide.

Version 3 of the API introduces new structured data formats for the contact's name and structured postal address fields.

These examples come in various forms, including raw XML/HTTP requests, Java, . This document assumes that you understand the general ideas behind the Google Data APIs protocol. Here's the OAuth 2.0 scope information for the Google Contacts API: To request access using OAuth 2.0, your application needs the scope information, as well as information that Google supplies during application registration (such as the client ID and/or the client secret).

For general Google Contacts API reference information, see the reference guide. The Google APIs client libraries can handle some of the authorization process for you.

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The Google Contacts API allows client applications to view and update a user's contacts. OAuth 1.0 was officially deprecated on April 20, 2012 and stopped being supported on May 5, 2015. Requests to the Google Contacts API for non-public user data must be authorized by an authenticated user.

Contacts are stored in the user's Google Account; most Google services have access to the contact list. The details of the authorization process, or "flow," for OAuth 2.0 vary somewhat depending on what kind of application you're writing. Given Name)) { string given Name To Display = name.

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