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I noticed there were droplets on blood/phlegm on the exam table where her mouth had been. It is killing me that I might have done the wrong thing by not trying some kind of treatment — but she was failing so quickly, right before my eyes. I can’t believe that something like this happened so quickly. Siouxsie: Although it’s possible that Zoe had cancer, we think it’s pretty unlikely, considering that she was so young.I decided it would be more humane to put her out of agony and she was was put down right away. Cancer is a disease that usually occurs in senior cats (age 7 and older).He also said if they hospital thought it was severe pneumonia, she would be in an oxygen tent, perhaps for days. Dahlia: From your description of her white gums, it sounds like Zoe had lost a lot of blood.Zoe was in a lot of trouble and her breathing was extremely labored. I do recall once hearing her vomit last week, or the week before. But because she was bleeding internally, you couldn’t have known that until she became really sick.Dahlia: Zoe could have had congestive heart failure.But again, this condition is pretty rare in cats as young as Zoe was.The only cat with acute congestive heart failure we’ve ever known was our kitty grammie Shaughnessy, who was 17 when she was afflicted.

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She was a large cat, not fat at all, but large and quite heavy. This morning I saw her sitting in the laundry room where her littler box is. I rushed her to my vet where he said her lungs were badly filled with fluid. He said she might have severe pneumonia, cancer or congestive heart failure. Thomas: There’s no way you could have known what was about to happen to Zoe.

Yesterday, I picked her up and noticed that she looked the same but felt lighter in weight. She did not act right, I picked her up and she was making a type of gagging noise. He did not feel that cancer treatment would help; if it did she would not last long at all. You’d been taking her to the vet regularly, she was an indoor-only cat, and you clearly were very aware of and cared deeply about her health and happiness.

She would have been coughing and uncomfortable for several days. If your cat had a respiratory infection that bad, you would have known it days before.

And because you’re a good and vigilant caretaker, you would have taken her to the vet long before it reached the fatal stage.

When she died, a lot blood and fluid expelled from her mouth. That’s not to say that young cats never get cancer, but it is very rare.My vet said then he thought she had heart failure or heart congestion when he saw that. Thomas: If Zoe had had severe pneumonia, you would have known it.

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