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29-Jul-2016 11:30

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So when the public learned that the government was demanding refunds of the enlistment bonuses soldiers received for signing up to serve in the Iraq war, the injustice was simply too much to bear.Public outcry reached the ears of members of Congress, and they responded.The latest installment of the rebooted Gene Roddenberry science-fiction universe arrives in ultra high-definition to appreciate a crew of space explorers that boldly going where no man has gone before.Although the words "status quo" will not appear on any ballots this election cycle, voters will nonetheless be forced to make the binary decision between doubling down on the status quo by voting for Hillary Clinton, or pivoting toward meaningful change and a course correction for the country by voting for Donald Trump. 8, Congress should shut down the government, except for essential military or law enforcement personnel, on the first day after the 2017 inaugural unless and until the new president restores the republic by doing these five things.Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have made a big stink charging that Russian intelligence agencies or their proxies are behind the leak of DNC emails to Wiki Leaks and the subsequent implosion of her candidacy.Some say President Vladimir Putin himself authorized these leaks, and we don't have access to the intelligence to say for sure what's going on.

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While the US-Russia relationship has been deteriorating rapidly since 2014 and faces a new crisis with the current situation around Aleppo, the bilateral relationship in Central Asia has been relatively stable...because it was already weak and unbalanced.Many pundits have attempted to explain the rationale behind Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere.

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