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08-Nov-2015 11:52

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The actual lesson is to not look back at a horrible "mistake". Because it makes us weak and ineffective for the moral and social battles of life ahead.

Thus, it is imperative that we all move forward to become healthy and strong so that we can make this world a better place in which to live (“ We still have our own “ Sodom” et al.

to confront for the sponsoring of world fear and terrorism”).

How can we as a nation, fight terrorism, when a person of important elected status, believes problems could be solved through the division of peoples based on color, creed and indeed race.

12-20-02, 747 AM Senator retires from bully pulpit demonstrating remarkable courage, "some integrity", and avoids large historical blemish.

Only the future will tell us how the Senator’s remaining tenure will be judged by history.

Let us never forget our forefather George Washington’s message when he said, "no nation can be trusted farther then their intent".

Clearly, terrorists are attacking Americans and world Jewry alike, because we believe all peoples are equal under god, indivisible, and uniquely contributory to the exponential progression of human values, ideas, and continuing progress in medicine-SCIENCE, art and politics.

The bible teaches us a very important lesson relative to this "foot in the mouth" experience.Lott's wife turned back to look at "Sodom and Gomorra" and turned to a pillar of salt.Further, this man of division now is arguing that his fellow republicans will !This editor must ask, "how, in the year 2002, over six thousand years since we discovered God, two hundred years since our forefathers wrote we are indivisible, can anyone who is rational and responsible, and speak from the bully pulpit of American senatorial distinction be in favor of divisibility, inequality under god, and forced inequality and a separation of peoples within and without the united states?

No person asks or has the power to be born whom they would preference.

Thus, no man should demand preferential treatment because they were born with green, purple, or blue skin!