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One of the other things that had become excruciatingly clear, especially in the Anti-Virus arena and in the Anti-Spyware arena is that there is no clear winner.

An 18 year career as a programmer at Microsoft soon followed. in 2003 as a place for answers to common computer and technical questions. Best popup blockers in the WORLD are Mozilla and Firefox. they are all junks) There is another option to all these headaches. The only thing to pay for is tech support and there is usually a way around that. Cons: Subscription to Virus Definition service costs $$$ Best Anti-Spyware Software: Lavasoft's Ad Aware SE.

People are asking what is the best anti-spyware program. From there you just make the updates it is simple and easy to do it also works very well. You will get a better visual of what it will do before downloading it. Id this sufficient to protect my computer, or should I remove it, and use ad-aware, Mc Afee, Spyware Snooper?

J im runin 3 virus protection programs at the same time is this good or uses a lot of memory but im 100% free of viruses.i would like to use one virus protection program but dont know which one to use,im usin avg/avast/norton at the same time and usin microsoft antispy.100mb of ram all these programes are memory which i have is 480mb. i reccomend u dont use 3 antivirus programmes at an time plus 2 firewalls on at once is very bad as they can interfere with each other 3 is even worse but if u want an opinion on what antivirus to use i say norton but on the best antispyware protection antispy i say spybot search and destroy or ad aware but microsoft antispy beta is very bad it has never detected one keylogger EVER!!

so only use 1 anti virus and 1 antispyware u should never use 3 anti viruses as it can interfere with each other and mess up your software yeah spysweeper is ok but it lags your comptuer to much and its not that sufficent when it comes to newest dialers and keyloggers the only thing it ever found was sc keylogger lol thats all its never found an trojan downloader for me or nothing that spybot has... If you go to click on ad-aware SE you can download it free. You can then click on one of the links that will let you look at all of the anti-virus programs. If one of the Anti viruses detectes the other because of suspicious behavior it could try to attack it so you will have two anti virus trying to attack eachother there for your computer will pretty much crash. It is very popullar also it has current up todates. I have the Yahoo Anti-Spayware, Pop-up Blocker, and all that came with the beta Toolbar.

Anti-spyware: Adaware, Spybot, and Pest Patrol(e Trust).

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Many of my recommendations boil down to this: run a current spyware checker or run updated anti-virus software. It's unfortunate, and confusing for the average user. And for the 0.1% that the double scan doesn't catch? Have a resource to turn to - an online forum or a Q&A site like Ask Leo! You may never need them, but if you do you'll be glad you were prepared. Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in 1976. ok Anti-virus software is Norton Anti-virus Enterprise (NOT the 2k3, 2k4, etc... There's plenty of help out there; don't be afraid to ask. Best Anti-Virus Software: There will always be a delay between virii and the patches that fix them; Symantec and Norton Antivirus have shorter delays to fix new virii in my experience, compared to Mc Afee and Virus Shield. There is not one software package I can point you at - or for that matter use myself - that will catch everything. Use the one that came with your machine, or the one that you can afford, or the one that was rated highly by a magazine, or the one that your techie friend uses and can help you with.

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