Common dating deal breakers

22-Jun-2016 03:20

Women have more deal breakers than men, but there were similarities between the sexes when asked to list what they deemed as a turnoff Researchers from the University of Florida, Western Sydney University, Indiana University, Singapore Management University and Rutgers University collaborated in looking at the effect of relationship deal breakers on the formation of romantic or sexual relationships to see what value people placed on them, in comparison to deal makers.

The list includes: unattractiveness, unhealthy lifestyle, undesirable personality traits, differing religious beliefs, limited social status, differing mating strategies and differing relationship goals.

The studies examined for creating the top seven deal breakers revealed that those who believe they are a good catch have more deal breakers and everyone has their own list if they are looking for a serious, long-term relationship, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Although women have more deal breakers, there are similarities between sexes of which are imporant Although people typically think about potential mates in terms of their positive traits, Webster said that's because people subconsciously weed out those with undesirable traits from their pool of eligible mates.

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Before she feels being stalked by you, quit doing it.Researchers complied a list of the top deal breakers in order to determine what effect age and gender have on deciding which qualities are seen as deal breakers for different people.