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Even if you don’t win, it’s a fun, funky way to spend an evening, that surprisingly few people know about.

Visit the Short North Arts District for a great date, and make yours a summer to remember.

When it comes to date night, the Short North Arts District is a neighborhood with lots of options.

For a great first date, you need a place with good drinks that won’t break the bank, enough music and atmosphere you’ve gotta get cozy to listen to each other, and something unexpected doesn’t hurt either. One: Fridays and Saturdays are too much of a production for your first night out together. Every Monday at Local, the center of the floor is taken up by a huge table, with a healthy heap of Hermit Crabs in the middle.

For this kind of date, one of the best options in town is Local Bar on Monday nights. Monday nights are laid back, you won’t have to parallel park (and let your date see you suck at it), and it’s a surprising shake up for the calender. You pick out a crab, name it (puns are encouraged), grab another drink before kickoff, and start shell heckling!

Bright lights, heels hitting the pavement, car horns in the distance; no matter who you are there’s something intoxicating about hitting the town on a night out.

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It should be said that first dates aren’t places for intimate dinners, with candlelight and string music.A first date is about picking up vibes and learning about your potential new squeeze.The race is paired with a full lineup of derby-inspired sound effects, referee commentary, and a popcorn machine off the bar.Winners get a gift card (definitely enough to cover a tab for two) and the sublime, athletic glory of picking the winning crustacean.

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Therefore, to help out the novices who need a hand, or the experts who need new territory, here is a fresh collection of places to grab an apéritif and activities to enjoy with a date.When you stroll down High Street, make sure to Start with Art, no matter what you do for dinner.