College guide to dating pdf

30-Jul-2016 22:23

The only problem is you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. If you want to get anywhere with anyone during orientation, follow this guide: 1. You’d think that people would’ve learned this in health class, but it’s amazing how many people can just plain forget when they’re coding for 72 hours straight.

Let me guess, you just got to MIT and you’re looking for a hook-up.

If initiating conversation is half the battle, then maintaining it is the second half. If I’ve learned nothing else, I at least know this: people like to talk about themselves. Be inquisitive and get to know what this person is really like. If you fail, have them introduce themselves to your friend.

Just don’t get caught forgetting someone’s name when they remember yours. There’s also a thin line between being drunk and giving consent, but I won’t get into that. However, Wellesley, an all-female college, is a short Senate Bus ride away (to find a date).

Under no circumstances should anyone in the incoming class of Wellesley students be called a freshman.

You want to start your freshman year off with a bang, not with the clap. Remember that there is always someone smarter, funnier, and better looking -- at another college in the area.