Coldfusion form not validating

31-Dec-2014 11:33

By using Amazon SWF, developers benefit from ease of programming and have the ability to improve their applications’ resource usage, latencies, and throughputs.

Q: What are the benefits of designing my application as a coordination of tasks? In Amazon SWF, tasks represent invocations of logical steps in applications.

With Amazon SWF, developers get full control over implementing processing steps and coordinating the tasks that drive them, without worrying about underlying complexities such as tracking their progress and keeping their state.

Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) is a web service that makes it easy to coordinate work across distributed application components.

Amazon SWF enables applications for a range of use cases, including media processing, web application back-ends, business process workflows, and analytics pipelines, to be designed as a coordination of tasks.

By independently controlling the number of workers for processing each type of task, you can control the throughput of your application efficiently.

To coordinate the application execution across workers, you write a program called the decider in your choice of programming language.

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Tasks represent invocations of various processing steps in an application which can be performed by executable code, web service calls, human actions, and scripts.The coordination of tasks involves managing execution dependencies, scheduling, and concurrency in accordance with the logical flow of the application.

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