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18-Apr-2015 19:13

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During the “FT Global Leadership Summit,” agency and media heads, including Mark Creighton, Chief Operating Officer, UK & Ireland for Dentsu, will discuss what it takes to lead during this turbulent time.Dating might not seem as weighty as complex political and economic issues, but millions of people depend on online dating to find that special someone.Jerry Buhlmann, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network, and CNN’s Nina dos Santos discuss the challenges ahead for businesses in today’s digital and data-fuelled economy in “Winning in the Digital Economy.” Fueled by Europe’s migration crisis and the interminable Euro mess, the implications for “Brand Britain” are without precedent as passions run high on both sides of “The Brexit” argument.Britain’s long uneasy relationship with the European Union has indeed boiled over and 23 June will surely be a day that lives in infamy, regardless of the result.The date was a success and a relationship blossomed that lasted two years.'We just broke broke up after the book got printed, it was a great relationshiop that ran it's course.'Meanwhile Granny, as Miss Stollak calls her, wasn't looking for a relationship - she was simply looking to have some fun, and support her granddaughter.

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Agencies, media and even governments are spinning their wheels like hamsters to keep up and stay relevant. The following sessions address the changing nature of our economy and our world, seen through the eyes of media editors and insiders, agency heads, and even government officials, especially as “The Brexit” looms close on the horizon.Those who succeed do so by staying one step ahead and being nimble where needed. High performance culture, innovation and commitment to change are crucial to driving success.

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