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’ They would probably crucify Jesus again just to get with her (Halle).

It’s funny, because the stars that get all the good write-ups, you meet them and they are total assholes.

READ MORE Physical beauty aren’t the only shared features of India.

Arie and her mom, Joyce Simpson, it turns out India inherited her beautiful voice from her Mother as well.

Berry was rumored to be involved with Snipes after working on Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever.” Snipes was pinned by the gossip mill as the person who physically abused her, though the actress has remained mum on the topic.

Truth be told, they accomplished some great things in their lives and definitely deserve their props for overcoming their obstacles and attaining great success, but the fact still remains that they breathe the same air and bleed the same as the rest of us…just being honest.

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She is just a woman, but because her name is in lights, people are damned near ready to bare their souls.”[/quote_box_center]ILOSM fam’ do you agree with Christopher, or no?Does society put way too much praise into celebs, like Halle Berry, and act like their made out of gold, as opposed to being simply human?