Christmas gift giving etiquette dating

10-Mar-2016 01:28

You want to avoid the uncomfortable situation of one of you bringing something and the other not. If someone else in the family might have a greater use for it, is it OK to pass it back down to them.

Lindsay: It’s okay to re-gift under certain circumstances, but you have to be careful.

Every time you have to buy a birthday gift, wedding gift or Christmas gift, some question arise such as “can I re-gift an item? ” Some of the answers vary, but some are pretty regular across the board.

Being an experience gift giving company, we decided to help you answer these questions. Lindsay: Yes, especially depending on the closeness of the relationship.

Dana: I think you have to make sure that you really know the couple if you are going to go off the registry.Lindsay: If the boyfriend of girlfriend is going to be celebrating with your family, absolutely have something small to give.It’s also acceptable to chat with your son or daughter about if they are planning to give something to your family. Gifts are suppose to be enjoyed so even, say you were handed down a family heirloom but it’s a necklace that you will never wear or china that will never be used.So definitely preview the registry before buying something that’s away from it. To take a few names off your to-buy list, suggest a Holiday Yankee Swap or gift exchange for large families.

Everyone is trying to save these days, it will take the pressure not just off you but everyone else as well.

Never give something that isn’t in the packaging it came in. Never re-gift something that is banged up, dated or sitting in your closet for years, and most importantly make sure that the person you are giving it to is far removed from the person who gave it to you.

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