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10-Jan-2015 03:51

This means Nicole will likely have the deciding vote.

Meanwhile, her showmance half, Corey Brooks, has yet to use America's Care Package which gives him the ability to bribe any houseguest with ,000.

He could use the Care Package to urge a houseguest to vote a certain way or throw him a comp.

Nicole's grand dilemma The problem with all of this is that, either way, Nicole needs to break off an alliance one way or the other.

So far, the numbers are pretty conclusive: Victor and Corey are likely to vote out Michelle, while Natalie and James are likely to vote out Paul.

But little do they know that Nicole and Corey had already made an alliance with Paul and Victor Arroyo, who are currently the strongest players in the house.

Power of Veto As reported by Joker's Updates, Nicole also won Power of Veto last Saturday which would give her the power to save a nominee.

James, Natalie Negrotti and Corey Brooks are in an alliance with her (or at least James and Natalie seem to think so), so James threw the comp to Natalie in exchange for safety and for her to get a letter from her mom.

To keep her promise, Nicole put up Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian up on the block, to James and Natalie's relief.