Christian dating in bayonne nj

09-Feb-2016 19:58

I'll pass it on to my kids the way you would any other prized possession.

Kindly forward suggested additions, edits and corrections to the editor: or 103 Dogwood Lane, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922. The first men to discover the New World or America are believed to have walked across a “land bridge” from Siberia to Alaska. It was three times as large and approximately 100 feet deeper than the present lake. In any event a cold climate period lasting 1,200 years followed. 1492 Christopher Columbus, most famous of the explorers of the Western Hemisphere, was born at Genoa, Italy but made his discoveries sailing for Spanish rulers.Please note: For your convenience, the Chronology is now electronically searchable. His first landings were at what we now know as San Salvador, Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic.