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During the Prologue, she wears a low collar dark cerulean-blue racer-styled jacket, covering a plain white t-shirt in addition to a silver necklace.Kinney, a singer and songwriter, is focusing on starting a music career.Reedus was spotted by fans in the audience at Kinney’s May 21 show in Decatur, Georgia, and it’s been said he’s attended other shows of hers, as well.The same source also says, “He was one of the first to support her at her concerts when she was still on the show.” There’s been long-time fan speculation about bringing on a love interest for Norman Reedus’s character, Daryl Dixon.Fans had hoped Emily Kinney’s character, Beth, was going to be that love interest, but those hopes were squashed when the character was killed off.With the sweet scenes they shared on Reedus and Kinney are both scheduled to appear at the Walker Stalker Con in Orlando, Florida, on June 27 and 28.If Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney really are dating, will their feelings for each other become evident or kept under wraps? There’s also been speculation about romance in Reedus’s life offscreen.

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Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, and Kinney, who formerly played the role of Beth Greene, met on the set of the AMC zombie series, where they became close friends while working together.A source close to both Reedus and Kinney tells the magazine, “They had a connection early on in the show, but the romance developed recently.

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