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Please go to the site to link to a series of 9 articles that reflects the opinions of many.Each of you, dear reader, can decide what you can do to help.AP / Howard Yanes White-clad believers light candles to the Virgen de Las Mercedes in a church in Caracas, Venezuela, last October.Within the Santeria religion, which is on the rise in predominantly Catholic Venezuela, the Mercedes Virgin is considered to represent Obatala, a patriarch in the pantheon of Yoruba gods. 24, Catholic priests allow Santeria followers to enter the church and worship the virgin.I happened to hear the term on the History Channel and realized that Burns who claims to be a historian in the memory business is skillfully and successfully practicing "Damnatio Memoriae," a damnation of the memories of all U. Bless and honor our history for the benefit of increased understanding and the unity of our nation.The introduction to the Defend the Honor update is below.Below, I have a small response to one of the articles in this month's Somos Primos.

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Vasquez Cheryl Vawdewy Margarita Velez Victor Villarreal Ted Vincent George Windes Arturo Ynclan Joe Yracheta [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Tejadora [email protected]@[email protected] Armenta Dever, Gloria Cortinas Oliver, Steven Hernandez, Mimi Lozano Holtzman, Pat Lozano, Yolanda Magdaleno, Henry Marquez, Yolanda Ochoa Hussey, Michael Perez, Crispin Rendon, Viola Rodriguez Sadler, John P. "Damnatio memories" The issue of PBS and "THE WAR" appears to be going up and down, and sideways in terms of agreements for the inclusion of Latinos. Historians explain that the life and history of an individual was damned by removing all traces of the individual's life and accomplishments. In the four major documentaries that Burns has produced for PBS, he has, whether knowingly or not, been practicing a strategy well known among the ancients, "Damnatio Memoriae," a damnation of memories. Burns with public funds has been creating common societal Americana memories (music, sports, wars) in which Hispanic/Latinos do not exist. Interestingly this push for Let us now with increased energy continue our gift to history.

CARACAS, Venezuela The man says he is possessed by a god.

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