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Janice, who was involved in many heated confrontations with "The Apprentice's" Omarosa, admits prior to the show she had no idea who Omarosa was and that the first time she laid eyes on her she "thought she was Rick James."As far as her time on "America's Next Top Model," Janice had some harsh words for her fellow judges.

The outspoken self-professed "world's first supermodel" questioned photographer Nigel Barker's credentials stating that prior to the show he was a "photographer for the gay rags, not Vogue." She called stylist Nolé Marin "a fluffer for the gay rags" and feels that Jay Alexander teaches the contestants "to walk like Clydesdales."Regarding Tyra Banks, Janice finally answered the age-old question of: wig or weave, by revealing without hesitation "weave!

Janice Dickinson was out plugging her latest tell-all "Check, Please!

: Dating, Mating, and Extricating" at the West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, where she also gave crass commentary on everything from Omarosa to "Top Model."During a Q+A section, Dickinson revealed that the "only reason" she appeared on VH1's "Surreal Life" was because she needed the money to send her daughter to private school.

"Despite being previously fired from the show, Janice said she will make guest appearances on "Top Model" this season.

But with these latest statements she may want to check to see if she's still in the running!

The self-proclaimed "worlds first supermodel" is coming back for a second season of the Oxygen network's Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and is seeking models, male and female 18+ currently without representation.

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“Ann Coulter has a bad habit,” opines a blogger who calls himself the Rude Pundit. John River in Maine, was halted by the discovery of the Furbish lousewort, a plant previously believed to be extinct.” A December 12, 1999 article in the Portland Press Herald of Maine had an article with this sentence: “The massive Dickey-Lincoln Dam, a 7 million hydroelectric project proposed on upper St.Notes from all over What happened between Bill Cosby and Janice Dickinson? Britney Spears’ hubby is apparently a man of many talents who now wants to appear on the silver screen.Kevin Federline is reportedly looking for financing for a movie that would star Kevin Federline as an aspiring rapper — much like Eminem’s flick “8 Mile.” “Britney has heard that Federline is working on a script and trying to get funding for the film,” a source told the London Sun. Britney fears Kevin just wants to promote himself at her expense to further his career.” Coulter accused of plagiarism Ann Coulter enjoys being called a gadfly and rabble-rouser — but will she like the new label being slapped on her?

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“And that habit, as mentioned before by the Rude Pundit. John River, is halted by the discovery of the Furbish lousewort, a plant believed to be extinct.” The Rude Pundit cites another example from Coulter’s first chapter in which the author seems to have done a better job of paraphrasing a sentence from the History Channel, but then links to an earlier column he wrote about other apparent examples of similarities between phrases in Coulter’s columns and words that appeared elsewhere, particularly in The Flummery Digest, a now-defunct news digest that ridiculed political correctness.

Coulter’s publisher and agent didn’t return The Scoop’s calls for comment.

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