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26-Aug-2015 22:54

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( must say that sex in your 20's with birth control is pretty darn good. If there is no balance of power, the vagina is now just his joy ride, as you say. Absent this bedroom chatter, sex only superficially reinforces their bond, and their healthy relationship gradually devolves to reveal itself as a sham.

The woman is also degraded because her need to be seduced is not being met, for example by having intimate conversation, which I think the man also needs.


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Updates previous findings issued on Dec.3: Learn how Tiger's reputation and those of the brands he represents(ed) has been impacted by the accident and news of the alleged affairs through an analysis of conversations about him in social media. but we have temporarily restricted your access to the Digital Library. First off, they are degraded by the medical community's disregard for their health because it favors chemical and invasive methods, (such as the pill and the intrauterine device) over modernized natural methods (ie, the basal body temperature and calendar methods). You speculate out loud whether you think your friends are still "doing it" and you lead him to the conclusion they are probably not...

At that age, sex is new, so exciting, and you are flattered by the attention, every time. Not to mention it fails to give them the ultimate relationship glue, their own mutual child. If she is fertile, this gives her leverage and a man can experience the power of her femininity. Pillow talk allows a couple to constantly renegotiate their relationship, exposing the bad and the good, working out the problem spots -- emphasis on WORK, something foreign to the effeminate man.

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That was a re-hash from Curry’s original injury in Game 1 of the series, when Kerr had to console Curry who grew upset when he was told he wouldn’t return.… continue reading »

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