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Women showed small increases in genital arousal to the nonhuman stimulus and large increases in genital arousal to both human male and female stimuli.Men did not show any genital arousal to the nonhuman stimulus and demonstrated a category-specific pattern of arousal to the human stimuli that corresponded to their stated sexual orientation.A sex difference in features that elicit genital response.“Previous research suggests that women’s genital arousal is an automatic response to sexual stimuli, whereas men’s genital arousal is dependent upon stimulus features specific to their sexual interests.Discoblog: NCBI ROFL: Sex differences in visual attention to sexually explicit videos: a preliminary study.

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Diese deutschprachigen Chatrooms sind ist auch ein beliebter Treffpunkt für alle in Deutschland lebenden Migranten um mit ihren Landsleuten zu chatten.In this study, we tested the hypothesis that a nonhuman sexual stimulus would elicit a genital response in women but not in men.Eighteen heterosexual women and 18 heterosexual men viewed seven sexual film stimuli, six human films and one nonhuman primate film, while measurements of genital and subjective sexual arousal were recorded.Hier bist Du in internationaler Gesellschaft und chattest, flirtest und datest in öffentlichen Chatrooms oder in privaten Chatfenstern direkt mit Leuten aus aller Welt.

This is a fun talk, not as meaty as the typical KDD talk, so I am extra thankful for an open-minded audience.

Primary question: is data science now a cultural movement; and if so, how do we know?

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