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Then I gave it some thought and still I wondered 'Maybe the Makaton will delay her actually talking'.

Perhaps the signing was a physical manifestation of Natty's differences that I wanted to ignore. They tell you their name, 'Hello, I'm Hayley.' Instantly forgotten.

Of course I knew, in my professional brain, the one that used to get adult business people doing ridiculous gestures in a circle to memorise new vocabulary, that doing 2 things at once can only enhance and accelerate language learning. But imagine that she trills 'Hello, I'm Hayley', whilst simultaneously spinning, ballerina-esque, clockwise at 100 rpm on her right toes. It's the same reason we learn lyrics to songs more easily than the same words written down in bland text on white paper. In short, Makaton supports, backs up, speeds up and develops language learning for children with speech delay.

It gives two different types of input for every word, an extra hook to hang the word on if you like, since you say it clearly as you sign to them every time.

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You don't have to learn a lot of signs at once, because your child will let you know what they want to say, and you will only need 10 or so words at a time, so don't be daunted or put off.Natty's first signed words were 'Mum', 'Dad', 'Cake' and 'Chocolate'... ' coupled with a sharp pointing motion at the high up treats cupboard!

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